Friday, May 29, 2009

The Story of Baby Faith Hope

Read this very very touching blog of Myah, a 23 year old single mom to Faith Hope, a baby born with anencephaly ( having no/little brain tissue). Myah documents the life of Faith Hope, whom doctors wanted aborted/killed in the womb because she had anencephaly. When Myah was pregnant her doctors were pressuring her to abort/kill Faith Hope. Myah writes in her blog, “For some reason I had to give the doctors my decision over and over again, which was frustrating. One doctor asked, 'Can I ask why you want to continue this pregnancy?' I guess some people are baffled by unconditional love.”

Baby Faith Hope was able to hear and see and eat, and show reflexes seen in infants, all which could not be explained by the doctors. Baby Faith Hope LIVED for 93 days.(she died May23 '09)